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“Pink Sisters support has been amazing, from my diagnoses onwards, now 3 and a half years on the support is still there either by phone call, text, facebook and even visits for those who need it . All the ladies and gents have had cancer or still have cancer so fully understand your care and needs, we meet up socially for meals out, walking and events where everyone is made welcome, Jackie and Janet have worked so hard to stretch the help so they can help more families. We are just people who were brought together by cancer but are now more like a family.”   Tina Rowley – Pink Sister

“Such a wonderful group of people. Friendly, caring, and above all else, welcoming. I am the only male as the moment, and though my cancer is not breast related, I was welcomed in as a friend to the meetings and the group. A truly remarkable group of ladies who’s unending support and friendship has made my cancer journey so much more bearable.”  Col Fernando – first Pink Mister

“Pink Sisters has been absolutely amazing the support we have received whilst going through breast cancer has really helped more than I can say. I would recommend anyone going through a cancer journey to join us we have meetings in Kidsgrove and also in Birches Head. There is always someone to talk to on our facebook page and the meetings are full of life and if you’re struggling someone will be there to help. I can’t thank Pink Sisters enough for keeping me sane and giving me support. Setting fun challenges and giving me belief that there is life after breast cancer”. Hazel Wilson – Pink Sister

“Amazing group of ladies, so eager to help and support others. We’ve been to one of the shows tonight which was both motivational and incredibly humbling. Well done all, you and your families are so so brave” Jude Tulley – Pink Sisters supporter


“Pink sisters, to me is an extension of my family, I have made life long daughter also.the thing that helped her was to see me smile again.Pinks did that and I will be eternally grateful for the peace it has given me and my daughter len. This charity is welcoming so supportive. Jackie and the girls work tirelessly fundraising, always with a smile.”  Rebecca Bell – Pink Sister