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HQ/Drop in Centre

1 Sandon Road, Meir, Stoke on Trent, ST3 7DT

Tuesday 8.30am – 4pm
Wednesday 8.30am – 4pm
Thursday 8.30am-4pm
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Group Meeting

The Bridge Centre

Every second Monday of the month

Group Meeting


Last Thursday of every month 6.30pm-8.30pm


Group Meeting


Every Third Monday of every month 6.30pm – 8.30pm


Through our face to face meetings and our online presence we are able to reach out to our members and offer information, support and provide a listening ear, whenever our members need it.  The online peer support offered via our private facebook page is a real bonus to those who need it as it offers virtual support, practically 24/7 because there is almost always someone in the community who is able to pick up a question/ concern or call to chat whatever the time of day or night.  For our members this is invaluable and rivals all of the national helplines.  Also, because our facebook community is so well established and our membership is so large, we find that we have a real breadth of experience and so it is rare to find a situation or treatment which someone within the community has not already experienced.

One 2 One Support Pink Aid & Assist – We will endeavour to provide you with support whilst at home by means of a visit or telephone call.

Chemo care pack – Pink Sisters aim is to provide anyone going through chemotherapy treatment a “comfort pack” containing items that we know will help to ease some of the symptoms and provide comfort.  There are numerous new items that you can donate  i.e. fluffy blankets, small pillows, mouthwash, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, small notebook and pen, lip salve, etc etc.

Hospital Visits – (not currently available due to Covid 19.) Where possible we will arrange for someone to be with you at your hospital visits if your family or friends are unavailable. We have volunteers who are here to help and support you at diagnosis, through treatment and survivorship.  We all know how daunting and terrifying a cancer diagnosis is and are here to help and advise with first hand knowledge.

Home Visits – Where possible we will arrange for one of our volunteers to visit you at home whilst undergoing treatment to help with the small tasks that will feel like changing bedding or a quick hoover around.

Counselling – We can refer you to a counsellor and the first session will be covered by our Charity. There are many women who find that having counselling during or after treatment helps with their mental health and wellbeing which is an essential part of recovery after a cancer diagnosis.

Facebook –We have a private closed Facebook forum where we offer 24/7 support for cancer sufferers and survivors. Click here to request to become a member. This page is for cancer sufferers only and is a private and confidential area. We also provide a private closed forum for family and partners of those with a cancer diagnosis – we understand that a cancer diagnosis affects the whole family and friends and this forum is to help you connect with others who are or have been through a cancer journey with a loved one.  Click here to request to become a member.

Benefits Advice – Pink Sisters can provide benefits advice from someone who has over 25 years experience in this field.

There are numerous professionals who can also offer help and advice following a cancer diagnosis – here are just a few that may help alongside the support that Pink Sisters can offer